Scalable. Modular. Intelligent

Taur is a mobility platform, ready to adapt to new challenges an ever-changing business environment. 

At Taur, we believe anything is possible. And we make that happen by designing custom trolleys. Infused with AI and advanced analytics, Taur trolleys can navigate almost any environment, all while reducing your carbon footprint. 

Whether you’re looking to automate a warehouse, set up a new type of urban delivery service, showcase a cutting-edge brand experience, or simply move to low-energy usage logistics, we can build a Taur trolley to your exact specifications. 

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T—300 [M]
300 kg LOAD capacity
Improved for Indoor usage
T—1600 [XL]
Improved for Off Road usage
1.6 tons LOAD capacity
T—650 [L]
650 kg LOAD capacity
Improved for Outdoor urban context use
T—3200 [XXL] & T—5000
3.2 Tons LOAD capacity
Improved for Long Distance usage

Design your own taur

Switch to the appropriate navigation system you are ready for.
Choose the size you need for the environnement you are.
Use the Energy that will reduce your carbon footprint.
Robot and AI is already interacting massively in our society.
Taur will bridge acceptance on the way your staff and your clients will interact with it as a Brand experience, that will be viral on the social medias.

We are ready to support this transition with a durable and modular solution.