T—1600 [XL]

The T-1600 is a moving infrastructure to provide facilities wherever you need. It have been especially designed to move Off Road.

Pill glass
4 wheels drive and powered by Electric batteries to ensure 4hours moving autonomy or use Hydrogen for a 24/24Hours operation. The t-1600 have a 500 kgs weight and can load 1600 kgs at an average speed limited to 4 KM/H. You can also setup your t-1600 fleet moving as Train configuration.

You can choose different Driving mode. You can get our special Joystick remote control with accessibility features (wired or wireless). Ask for the "Follow me" feature possible by using a connected badge device. We can display special floor sensors to guide precisely your Taur. Your solution will bee soon upgradable to full Autonomy in between two defined point A and B using live IoT protocol assistance (Forecast 2024).

Main specifications
Improved for Off Road usage
1.6 tons LOAD capacity
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