T—300 [M]

The perfect Indoor reliable service platform. Ensure daily customer services & maintenance routines. T-300 small size enables every standard corridors and open spaces access.

Pill glass
Powered by Electric batteries to ensure 4h30 moving autonomy or use Hydrogen for a 24/24Hours operation. The t-300 have a 90 kg weight and can load 300 kgs. You can setup your t-300 fleet moving as Train configuration.

You can choose different Driving mode. You can get our special Joystick remote control with accessibility features (Wired or wireless). Ask for our incredible "Follow me" feature possible by using a connected badge device. We can display special floor sensors to guide precisely your Taur. Your solution will bee soon upgradable to full Autonomy from a defined point A to a defined point B using live IoT protocol assistance (Forecast 2024)

Main specifications
300 kg LOAD capacity
Improved for Indoor usage
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