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Why AI changes the way you do logistics ?

It's different from MANUAL and PROCESSED because it is LIVE learning from data and deciding from intensive analytics.
AI driven logistics is managing an extra level of complexity than the manual and processed one. 
Beyond autonomy, the decision making rules will also have to be adaptable—this is the focus of our Designers and scientists who have direct insight from Logistic Experience performance through metrics.

When Logistics involves AI, Taur can be accountable for creating high-responsive Logistics. This means that, beyond just creating a resilient solution, you will need to keep in mind your audience acceptance and how to capture their interest.
We are asked to test several different iterations of a routine, of an environment in several contexts to see which one performs the best.

Taur sees the transformation process from end-to-end; from recognizing an opportunity and understanding the customer's need through to final delivery and life cycle management.